Saturday, May 29, 2010


I love animals. They are so cute. I love the ones with all that fur. They are soft as can be.

Once I went to a safari, a giraffe was blocking the way out.

The boy lion's mane was so fluffy I wished I could pet it.

Peacocks have those feathers, they are fancy.

Animals, animals, animals. I love animals.


  1. I remember that giraffe!!

  2. I love the different colors you used in this post.

  3. I love animals too. They are so soft you want to squeeze them until they scream.

  4. Sometimes I think I would like a dog. A cute dog. But then I hang out with one and am turned off by the smell and their lack of respect for nice things.

  5. l.e.s.ter - why did they let the girafffe out of his cage in the first place?

    anon. - i want to squeeze them until they scream too. they are sooo cute!

  6. Magpie,

    All animals need some exercise. The safari people probably let the giraffe out of his enclosure so he could wander around and stretch his very long legs! If it was a he and not a she giraffe!