Monday, May 17, 2010

The Red Drink

My mom went to a mommy blogging meeting in New York City. She was given a red drink. My mom thinks it's junky. I think it looks like it's food coloring! It has a black top.

My mom will let me take a sip of it later.

If you want to figure out how it tastes, leave comments or else I will not tell you!

See you later on my blog!


  1. I am very curious about this drink. I think it may taste like cherry since cherry is red and is a popular flavor. But that's just a guess!

  2. It might be cherry. But it could be "fruit punch" flavor too. Or some other blend or made-up flavor. I think fruit punch is the yuckiest of all the fake flavors. Fake cherry is second worst. I can't wait to hear what this drink tastes like. What are the ingredients?

  3. Updates about the red drink coming soon. I think it is made from food coloring.